What is cPanel?

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Most hosts provide a dashboard called cPanel® for managing your hosting account. This is where you access tools for managing files, creating redirects, setting up email addresses, adding subdomains, and more.

The cPanel dashboard

Example of the cPanel dashboard

Not all hosts offer cPanel (for example, Network Solutions and Site5.)

The advantage of selecting a web host who offers cPanel is that you can easily transfer cPanel between hosts, including your email. This is why most cPanel hosts offer free site transfers from other cPanel web hosts; they can complete the transfer in a few minutes.

The cPanel host I recommend for beginners is SiteGround. Their hosting isn’t as inexpensive as other hosts, but their customer service is excellent, which is a plus when you are first learning how to host a website. If you can’t afford SiteGround, another good option is KnownHost.


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