How to Login to WHM (Web Hosting Manager)

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If you purchased a reseller or VPS hosting account, WHM® (Web Hosting Manager) may have been included in your plan. WHM is an advanced dashboard for managing your hosting server and cPanel accounts. This article explains how to login to WHM.

WHM gives you access to the server root. It is an advanced tool for experienced webmasters. Making errors at the root level can break all the websites hosted on your account.
Example of WHM dashboard

The WHM (Web Hosting Manager) dashboard

Finding your WHM Login Info

When you order a VPS or Reseller account, if it includes a subscription to WHM, you receive a Getting Started or Welcome email with the login credentials.

These are the items you need to login:

  • Login URL
  • SSH username (e.g. root)
  • Root password
If you didn’t receive WHM login information when you ordered your account, your host may require you to request access to the server root. Some hosts may also require that you digitally sign a release form stating you accept responsibility for damage to the server before issuing your login credentials. 

Accessing WHM

To login to WHM, follow these steps:

  1. In your browser, go to the login URL issued by your hosting company (e.g., http://yourdomain:2086)

    The WHM login screen

    The WHM login screen

  2. Enter the SSH username (most often this is “root”)
  3. Enter the Root password


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