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The awesome thing about WordPress is you can add functionality to your website in minutes using plugins. A plugin is an app you install on your site to add extra features and functionality.

Because WordPress is such a popular website platform, there are thousands of plugins to choose from, both free and premium. The massive number of choices can be mind-boggling.

How to find the right plugin

The easiest way to find a plugin is to go to Google then build a search as follows: function you are trying to perform + WordPress + plugin. (e.g. backup wordpress plugin) That will usually bring up a good list of plugins to choose from.

If you are selecting a plugin from, make sure to choose plugins that have a good number of users and at least a 3-star rating. I usually look for plugins that have a 4 or 5-star rating and have a good track record of support issues being addressed by the plugin author. I also check the support forum to make sure highly-rated plugins don’t have recent issues that haven’t been addressed by the plugin author.

How to install a plugin

To access the list of plugins installed on your site, click Plugins > Installed Plugins. You can activate, deactivate, delete, and update plugins from this screen.

To install a new plugin from the repository, follow these steps:

  1. Click PluginsAdd New
  2. In the search box, search for the plugin name then click Install
  3. Once the plugin installation is complete, click Activate

To install a plugin from a zip file you downloaded, follow these steps:

  1. Click PluginsAdd New
  2. Click Upload Plugin
  3. Click Choose to browse to the file
  4. Select the file then click Open
  5. Once the plugin installation is complete, click Activate

Some plugins don’t require any setup at all while others may take quite a bit of work to set them up to work on your site. See the plugin author’s website or the page for plugin instructions and support.


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